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Oct 11, 2010

Were Back ....

F    L    U    X

Aug 26, 2010

Jul 12, 2010

Fly...... Wish I could now.

Sex Sax Sex

London's Life The Movie/Documentary

I not only make art and do graphics etc.
I am a videographer as well. My first project
was a self portrait about my life and the issues
I was going through at the time. From dealing with teen
pregnancy, possible prison time, and dropping out of highschool all the while following my passion for film.
The trailer is available below
and DVD will be available
for purchase online!
Part II coming soon.

The Countdown to A-Town

The Countdown to A-Town
was a webseries that I made
after I completed the London's Life project.
I made a video everyday until I finally
returned to Atlanta from NYC.
From playing poker all night to
chilling on Governors Island
listening to music check it out.

Quoom Documentary (w.t)

Quoom's documentary is the latest project
I have my hands on. Quoom is a percussion
player from the Bronx, NY to make up the
fact that he does not receive enough hours
to provide for his four children, playing
on the NyC subway system is plan b.
More Details and Trailer coming soon.